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This page contains only a small fraction of our construction projects in over three decades of building in the Fraser Valley. We would love to build yours.

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Houses • Barns • Shops • Concrete Work

We have built everything from giant custom homes on Eagle Mountain in Abbotsford to spec houses in Mission. We have also built many barns, shops, and chicken barns in the lower mainland. We have the experience to ensure our work passes inspection and we follow all BC building codes.

We have established great relationships with many other trades, including roofers, siders, plumbers, painters, drywallers, electricians, masons, tilers, floor layers, cabinet shops, door & window manufacturers, and more. We would be happy to set you up.

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Additions • Verandas • Doors • Windows • Entries 

We have done plenty of renovations over the years, from full-scale house remodelling to small additions. We can assess your proposed reno project and tell you what it will all involve. 

We can do much more than general framing, and have a lot of handyman skills to complete small renovations ourselves. Some of our projects involved working on homes that were currently lived in, and we take great care when we are on other people's property.


Gazebos • Trellises • Pergolas • Post & Beam • Playgrounds

Some of the most challenging projects have also been our favourite ones. We would love to sit down with you and plan out a unique structure where the only limits are our imagination, time, and effort.  

When the project is not confined by a building plan, our best work comes out. If you have an idea for a custom pergola, trellis, or a full wooden adventure playground, we can bring it to life.

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Trenching • Drainage Ditches • Jackhammering • Small-Scale Earth-Moving • Post-Pounding

Our capabilities were greatly expanded when we purchased a mini excavator a number of years ago. Where we used to hire out certain jobs and be at the mercy of the operator's availability, it's now just a matter of hooking up the flat-deck trailer before leaving home.

Our machine has two bucket sizes, as well as a jackhammer attachment that has a steel bit for breaking up material, or another cupped bit to hammer fenceposts into the earth.

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